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                                    Art In Vail Program

                                    The Art in Public Places (AIPP) program is one of many culturally oriented programs in the Vail Valley.

                                    The intention of the program is to assemble a collection of works of art in public places which is educational, attractive to residents and guests, and of an overall aesthetic quality equal to the excellent international reputation the town enjoys as a resort.

                                    The program is under the direction of a five-member board which meets monthly to discuss AIPP projects and direction. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the meetings which are held in the Vail Town Council Chambers on the first Monday of every month.


                                      Master Plan    免费的梯子加速器    免费的梯子加速

                                    COMING SUMMER 2020


                                    Fiber Installations by Ladies Fancywork Society at the Vail Public Library 

                                    Murals by Jason Graves/Remington Robinson at the Vail Village Parking Structure




                                    The Town’s public art collection includes over 55 works ranging from painting, sculptures, murals, playground components, to site-integrated art. A color printed map of the town of Vail’s public art collection is now available at the Vail Village and Lionshead Welcome Centers or may be downloaded on this site. Featuring 36 works of art in a walkable map of Vail Village and Lionshead, as well as the art beyond town center, the map is a resource for enjoying Vail’s abundance of public art.

                                    Interactive ART Map    Download Art Map


                                    • VAIL ART PASS
                                    • PROGRAM OBJECTIVES
                                    • AIPP BOARD


                                    Vail Art PassParticipate

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                                    For a $50 annual fee members of the Vail ART Pass will enjoy preferred access and discounted admission to specialized tours of exclusive private art collections, museums, exhibitions, artist studio visits, and much more within and outside of the Vail Valley. Members will also be invited to signature events and receptions sponsored by Art in Public Places throughout the year.



                                    Join by completing the online Vail Art Pass Membership Form located here.  Events will have limited occupancy and are filled on a first come first served basis. If space is available, events will be open to the public for a fixed fee per event. Guests must be registered to attend events.


                                    • Art in Vail ObjectivesEstablish a public art program that is unique to Vail and therefore has a primary responsibility to the community.

                                    • Enhance the beauty of the Vail community by placing quality visual art in highly accessible and visible public places for residents and guests to enjoy.

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                                    • Provide an effective process for selecting, purchasing, commissioning, placing, and maintaining public art projects that represent the best in aesthetic and technical quality.

                                    • Create a framework for a sustained effort to develop public art in the Vail community.

                                    • Develop a strong public education effort in order to stimulate discussion and understanding about the visual arts.

                                    • Provide a public art development process that encourages and is supportive to artists who wish to work in the public realm.

                                    • Encourage support for and inclusion of public art projects in private sector development. 


                                    AIPP - Vail BoardThe seven-member AIPP Board is comprised of members who have demonstrated expertise in architecture, art criticism, art education, art history, fine arts, graphic arts, interior design, landscape architecture, town planning/community development or other art/design related backgrounds not specifically mentioned, or who have demonstrated a strong interest in the visual arts and/or civic improvement.

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                                    Board members shall meet one of the following requirements for at least one year: A resident of the Town of Vail and/or owner of property within the Town of Vail.