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    Trimble's next generation project management solution for contractors from the developers of Prolog.

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ProjectSight is a construction management software for builders and contractors to help with the management of projects from a single-source of collaboration for all project stakeholders.

Budget and Cost Management

Eliminate spreadsheets with a complete solution that allows you to manage contracts, identify risks and changes quickly and stay within budget. Learn More

Document Control

Eliminate the chaos and organize your entire project team. Modern collaboration tools ensure everyone is on the same page and critical information is getting to the right people at the right time. Learn More

Field Management

Powerful and easy to use tools that keep the people onsite safe, informed, and in touch with the project team. Allowing people to work in an online or offline mode, and keep the focus on the task at hand - delivering the project. Learn More

The Product


No more chasing paperwork

Improve your construction project management by having all RFIs, Submittals, change orders and reports in one platform.


The team conversations approach puts an end to project paper-trail forensics and holds all project team members accountable for their part.


Simple, configurable and modern construction management processes allow you to quickly capture, communicate and collaborate around critical information in the office or in the field.

Improve On-site Productivity

Your field team and subcontractors need access to the latest project information and drawings when on the construction job site. Give them a solution that empowers them to keep all stakeholders informed while keeping the project on schedule and within the budget.

One System. Many Users.

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Get the facts and explore construction project management with Trimble ProjectSight.
"ProjectSight has been very intuitive with our end users. Superintendents can review plans and collaborate on the BIM model out in the field."
Elbert L.
Sr. Business Analyst
"I like how quickly you can process and share RFI's and Submittals. We have vendors upload documents onto the software, assign them to us, and we can quickly share them with engineers with one program."
Christopher F.
Satisfied Customer
"I love that everyone on the team can communicate easily with ProjectSight. I also like that you can see everything in real time, so everything is up to date. It makes the project [go] smoother and faster."

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