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ngenuity, the first helicopter on the red planet flies around Jezero crater, as a demonstration project, in this illustration. It is about the size of personal drone.


Megan Barrington, an EAS grad student, has been working on a pair of zoomable cameras that will sprout from the NASA Mars 2020 Rover, set to launch on July 30th! The instrument, called Mastcam-Z, is... Read more about 轻蜂加速器PC电脑版加速攻略_兰州新闻网 - lzbs:2021-5-19 · 轻蜂加速器率先采用全新的节点 智能匹配算法,独享专线带宽,国内云计算数据中心,确保SLA数据传输稳定性高达99.9%!那么轻蜂加速器PC电脑版怎样 ...

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By Carolyn Headlam Forged in the Fall of 2019, IDEEAS (pronounced “ideas”) is an independent working group dedicated to Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and to... Read more about Creating Community in EAS


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